Analytical Development Senior Scientist ()


UCB is a global biopharmaceutical company focused on the discovery and development of innovative medicines and solutions to transform the lives of people living with severe diseases of the immune system or of the central nervous system.

The Analytical Development department for small molecules (NCE) is seeking a Senior Analytical Scientist with strong focus on innovation capabilities.

  1. To develop fit-for-purpose physchem characterization methods for development and commercial products
  2. To propose and evaluate new state-of-the-art analytical technologies, to implement them in a GMP environment and to train people to their use
  3. To propose and implement innovative solutions in order to better develop and validate methods of analysis
  4. To act as an analytical expert and solve issues encountered during all stage of product development
  5. To contribute to maintain a high and up-to-date scientific level in the department

As a Senior Scientist in Analytical Development, you have:

  1. a PhD in analytical chemistry or a Master degree with 5 years+ experience in analytical development
  2. Strong knowledge in various analytical techniques such as hyphenated separation techniques (LC, LC-MS; GC, GC-MS, IC, SFC,…), spectroscopic techniques (IR; NIR; UV;…)
  3. Expertise in statistic linked to analytics
  4. Experience in chemometric and multivariate data analysis is an asset
  5. Experience in NIR technique linked to PAT is a plus
  6. Strong problem solving mindset
  7. Work experience in GMP regulated environment
  8. Strong oral and written communication skills
  9. Ability to work in a matrix organization



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