Collateral Management Operations ()


Euroclear Bank offers collateral management services to Participants in support of their bilateral repurchase agreements, securities loans, secured loan facilities, derivatives transactions and margining for central counterparties. Euroclear Bank collateral management services includes:
* Triparty repo
* Triparty securities lending
* Triparty derivatives support
* Collateral allocation interface service with central banks.

Collateral Management Services include deal matching, collateral eligibility verification and selection, delivery against or free of payment of collateral, daily mark-to-market functions, collateral substitution, margin maintenance, custody event management and reporting

Your part of the deal
As a member of the Collateral Management Operations team, you will assist the dedicated client services team in providing a first class service to our customers. The role includes the following tasks:
* Managing control queries, transaction input and processing follow-up
* Answering client questions on transaction status and other queries
* Support of the dedicated client services team in their day to day activities
* Follow up transactions during their life-cycle
* Dispatching of messages and input of exclusions
* Input of contract information and eligibility profiles
* Follow up on custody events and investigation related to income payments of triparty related securities balances Your Profile
* Bachelor’s or Master’s degree, preferably in Finance
* Fluent level of spoken and written English
* Client focus and ownership of issues, queries and questions
* Risk minded approach
* Resistance to stress and self reliance
* Organizational and administrative skills
* Good problem solving & analytical skills
* Flexible in terms of working hours
* A first experience is a plus, escpecially in a Collateral environnment Our part of the deal You will be offered a fixed term contract of 1 year, allowing you to develop expertise in a specific branch of the financial sector. You will get the chance to develop expertise, project and/or people management competencies in an informal but supporting work atmosphere. Your success is our success. In addition to a competitive compensation package and attractive benefits, in line with your experience and commitment to progress, you will be joining a dynamic best of class environment, offering extensive on- and off-the-job trainings.



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