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One of our customers is in search for consultancy purposes a new staff member to advise companies in a range of cross-border employment issues.The junior advisor reports to the advisor international tax affairs. In close collaboration with international social affairs advisors, she/he ensures that the advice offered to clients covers all relevant aspects of cross-border employment. Internal communication and a good grasp of the correlation between these various aspects and their impact on other areas of social law are essential.

Primary task

  • Answering questions from companies concerning international tax issues of cross-border employment.
  • Drafting and updating publications, writing memos, organising seminars.
  • Generally helping to boost the consultancy performance and services.
  • Representing HQ within external advisory groups and consultation committees on specific matters.

Main activity and fields of expertise

The Junior Advisor advises clients either by telephone, in writing or in meetings. An integrated advice comprises information on:

  • aspects of wage taxation on salary package;
  • aspects of social security;
  • aspects of labour law;
  • work and residence permits;

Advice on each of the aforementioned aspects includes information on applicable legal provisions as well as an overview of said provisions in relation to national, international and European legislation. In addition to legal information, practical advice is also offered.

The Junior Advisor prepares and files the applications to obtain the tax status for foreign executives. S/he also deals with tax returns for non-residents and with payroll calculations.

S/he is thus responsible for providing comprehensive guidance on aspects of international wage taxation, salary splits, salary simulations, applications for and guidance in obtaining the tax status for foreign executives and tax returns for non-residents.


  • Knowledge of Belgian tax law;
  • General knowledge of international wage taxation as applicable to expats and impats (double tax treaties);
  • Proven experience and knowledge of the tax status for foreign executives (applications for and guidance in obtaining the tax status for foreign executives, salary simulations, payroll calculations) ;
  • Proven knowledge of submitting tax returns for non-residents;
  • Ability to listen to and empathise with others. Ability to express complex matters clearly and simply both orally and in writing ;
  • Very good knowledge of Excel;
  • Ability to work in a very accurate way (attention to details);
  • Ability to write and update publications and internal documentation;
  • Ability to analyse and interpret international tax issues and offer tailor-made advice;
  • Ability to network with authorities, universities and federations;
  • Good organisational, commercial and financial skills;
  • Active and passive knowledge of Dutch, French and English. Knowledge of other languages would be an advantage;
  • Customer-oriented;
  • Problem-solver;
  • Team-player but able to work alone efficiently and with confidence.


  • A challenging job with clear objectives and the space for individual initiative and personal growth in an international environment.
  • An attractive salary package

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