Shurgard Self Storage Europe, founded in 1994,opened its first self storage center in Brussels, Belgium in 1995. Today Shurgard is the European market leader with nearly 170 self-storage facilities in seven European countries and more than 90,000 customers. The company is specialized in all aspects of the self-storage industry for both private and commercial users. In August 2006, Shurgard became a subsidiary of Public Storage, the world’s largest owner and operator of self-storage facilities with over one million customers and more than 2,100 stores in 38 states (USA) and seven European countries. We are currently looking for a (M/F):


The Sales Support Analyst is responsible for analyzing operational performance related to sales and services against pre-set Key Performance Indicators. Based upon the analysis, he/she will define areas of improvement (at country, district and store level) as well as identify root causes for off-target performance and communicate these in a clear way to the operational management team so that proper action can be taken. On the basis of his/her experience, the Sales Support Analyst will assist and play a supporting role in the definition of action plans.


  1. Quality Assurance/Listening in
  • You listen to and evaluate phone contacts on a daily basis. For this, you will use a pre-defined evaluation format and follow the pre-defined procedures for listening in.
  • You report on the results of listening in through pre-set reporting. You will communicate these results on a regular basis (weekly/monthly) with operational staff.
  • You provide a monthly store-by-store analysis on listening in results and define areas of improvement.
  • You investigate root causes for off-target performance and share this with operational management.
  • You provide regular input on possible improvements to be made to scripts and on missing coaching and/or training modules.
  • You share ideas on new coaching methods, reporting efficiency and monitoring methodology.
  • You can be involved in coaching and role-play sessions.
  1. Sales performance
  • You produce pre-set reporting at store, district and market level and share these with the organization.
  • You analyze performance at all levels against pre-set targets.
  • You report on a regular basis (weekly/monthly) towards operations on KPI performance, highlight off-target performance, identify root causes and suggest actions to be taken.
  • You play a supporting role towards operations in developing action plans to improve performance.
  • You can be requested to deliver ad-hoc reporting and analysis.
  • You can be involved in local meetings to present reports and analysis and share best practices.


No specific educational requirements

Language skilll

  • You speak and write at least 2 of the following languages: Dutch, French, German, Swedish, Danish.
  • You have a very good knowledge of English.

Other skills

  • You have strong numerical and analytical skills
  • You are proficient in Microsoft Office programs.



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