108360 – Senior Engineer Catalyst material research ()


Team Description

Within Toyota Motor Europe’s R&D Department , The Advanced Technology 1 division is responsible for advanced research on functional materials like catalyst, battery, semiconductor for clean energy and environment. We aim at transferring and integrating European unique and advanced technology into the final product for future breakthrough.

Your Responsabilities

The main challenge for automotive catalyst is higher performance for NOx reduction, CO,HC oxidation, higher durability, less expensive and abundant materials.

Our research is focused on finding novel materials with the mechanism clarification for exhaust gas purification and resource generation by CO2,N2 recycling.

You will perform synthesis and characterization of novel catalyst.

You will perform literature search and propose materials with new concepts to research further. The materials will be prepared with wet chemistry and solid-state methods. Their structural and morphological properties will be characterized by means ofX-Ray Diffraction, Scanning Electron Microscopy, and Atomic Force Microscopy etc.

Also TME will do collaborated research with local research institutes and universities to promote the research activities.

Your Profile

  • PhD in Chemistry or Material Science or Chemistry, Material related area
  • Good knowledge of functional material, preferably catalyst/ nanoparticles synthesis and analysis (XRD,TEM, XPS, SEM, ICP…)

  • Good communication skills

  • Hands-on and proactive mentality

  • Computer skills : Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Technique specific softwares

  • Fluent in English is a must

  • High attention to health & safety guidelines is expected.

Place of Employment

Toyota Motor Europe R&D centre in Zaventem near Brussels.

Lab facilities are available on site, and collaboration with local research institutes and universities can be considered for the success of the project.



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