Business Consultant – Be the business partner of your clients ()


The competences Strand Associates is expecting to find in our collaborator

  • Very strong EQ (emotional intelligence)
  • Sharp problem-solving skills
  • A results-oriented track record
  • Very strong interpersonal relationship skills
  • Business minded track record
  • A passion for consulting and for recruitment

Learning at Strand

As a Strand consultant, you are immersed in our personalized and recognized end-to-end recruitment process. Develop a strategy to assist our clients in their recruitment challenges. Manage the process from A to Z. Develop a niche market. Move the client to action.
Along the way, you also learn to refine your interpersonal and people management skills. This helps you to properly identify client needs, build deeper client relationships and gain consensus all of which make you a better leader.
Learning at Strand takes many other forms, from formal global training programs to informal mentoring on a day-to-day basis. The overall experience is incredibly enriching from both a personal and a professional standpoint.

  • Develop Business relationships with client and candidates
  • Influence processes in order to get the best out if your contracts
  • Go and meet your clients and candidates face 2 face to generate deeper and more profitable professional relationships
  • Be autonomous un your market development
  • Become the reference in your market
  • Structure your day to be as efficient as possible to produce as much as you can


  • Given the workload and performance expectations of this position, Consultants are regularly required to work more than 55 hours/week to perform essential duties of the job.
  • Extremely ambitious, you understand that you need a lot of efforts to achieve great results
  • You like to bring projects to a good end, whatever it takes.
  • You never give up
  • You like to have full control on what you are doing, being able to influence all the steps of a process
  • You are tasks oriented, no bullshit, you do what needs to be done. All the rest doesn’t matter.
  • You are a sole player in a team. You like to be surrounded by your colleagues and being the top performer drives you further
  • You are interested by the combination of developing a business from scratch and going deeper in the relations building with your clients and candidates
  • You are planning and managing your own goals, and never fails in achieving them.
  • You have a very structured mind, structured approach when you do something, you are very organized
  • You have issues with failure and stress is a source of energy for you
  • You are entrepreneurial; working hard to fill the pockets of your bosses is only good for a while. What you really want is learning and then manage your own business, you want to work hard for your own pocket too.


  • A Meritocratic environment, you get very well rewarded for the results you achieve (cars, money, incentives, fast career growth, …)
  • Training and Coaching to be sure that you will not only be good but exceptional at what you do
  • An environment which will push you out of your comfort zone, so that you get better as a recruiter but also as a (business) person
  • Great and fast career opportunities within a young and fast growing company
  • Multilingual and Multicultural environment which will help your personal development
  • The “crème de la crème” can get the opportunity to build their own business within our group. This is what we call a complete career path within Strand Associates.
  • Set up of a Personal Development Plan based on discussion between you and your management. There is no standard career path, if you are the best you will grow the fastest.
  • Be surrounded by Sr Recruiters who have a serious recruitment record. Be a sponge, you can learn a lot from them.
  • Be in a 100% “Work hard/ play hard” environment. We require a lot from you during the hours but we give back a lot.
  • Get a great basic salary, but be aware that this is “nothing” compared to the commission you can get if you work hard


“Multi vocati sunt, pauci vero electi

I am certainly forgetting some other elements, so if you are interested contact me on 03/206 51 26 and ask for Gaël Terroir




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