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For one of our international clients, we are currently looking for an Operations Ingeneer: A large part of your responsibilities will be maintenance (replace parts, populate and depopulate racks, etc) and you will work as a member of a larger, coordinated team troubleshooting and repairing server hardware using the Linux operating system. You’ll tackle the configuration of more complex components such as networks, routers, hubs, bridges, switches and other devices. You’ll participate in small project teams on larger installations and develop project contingency plans. While your job can sometimes be physically demanding, it will be exciting to work with infrastructure that is the cutting-edge computer technology. Qualifications/Requirements: BA/BS degree (In lieu of degree, 2 years of relevant work experience of HW / network related issues using Linux based tools. LPIC-1 Certification or equivalent certification preferred Minimum 1 year of Linux or UNIX experience working on a technical component based system, requiring an understanding of multiple parts and their impact on the system as a whole. Demonstrated ability to learn new technical skills and domains. Comfortable performing repetitive technical & manual work. Good technical aptitude. Speak and write English fluently and idiomatically. Must possess a positive attitude and be able to work well within a team oriented environment. Must be comfortable working in a physically demanding environment. Shift-work/Holidays: Must be willing and able to be flexible in work schedule, including working holidays and shift based schedules. Key Responsibilities: Configure and troubleshoot Linux OS-related issues, replacing hardware using hand and/or power tools when necessary. Assemble/disassemble and populate/depopulate equipment racks. Install switches, routers, and other networking gear. Run/install ethernet and fiber optic cable per defined process. Operate barcode scanners and associated software tools. Follow detailed instructions and perform other tasks as directed. Work on specific projects while maintaining an overall awareness of operations. Giving relevant feedback and taking responsibility for potential risks and issues. Hours: 2x 20/ per week – either 3 full days/week or 5x half days, but the 2 roles would have to complement each other to complete the weekly schedule (e.g., Mon/Tues/ Wed and Wed/Thurs/Fri or 5x mornings + 5x afternoons). Interested? apply online or via our website: www.kellyservices.be



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