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Role Description
External Supply is part of Pfizer Global Supply and is responsible for managing the product flow from external suppliers to the different markets.
This position is responsible for planning and ordering of products as necessary to meet the conditions of the Supply Chain Agreement with the markets. Products in scope are pharmaceutical products which are manufactured by external manufacturers in the Europe/Africa/Middle East region.
The Supply Chain Planner will manage the supply chain between the markets and the external contract manufacturers.

In the area of planning and ordering, the Supply Chain Planner will be responsible to:
– Capture demand forecast using mainly global supply chain systems and processes. For specific products/markets ad-hoc systems and processes will have to be used.
– Analyze the demand forecast to capture significant trends and changes. Review the trends and changes with the demand management function in the market. Identify potential issues due to significant forecast changes and develop appropriate and effective preventive, corrective or mitigating actions.
– Process the demand forecast into a delivery forecast in accordance with the supply agreement with the external manufacturer, and the supply chain agreement with the market
– Periodically communicate the updated delivery forecast to the external manufacturer, and review the forecast with them.
– Issue purchase orders for delivery of product as needed to meet the conditions of the supply chain agreement and of the supply agreement. Secure timely approval of purchase orders.
– Monitor delivery, transit and if applicable local release of product until the product is available for distribution in the market.
– For new products / new articles (SKU’s) :
* Monitor and coordinate all activities necessary to achieve timely launch, e.g. artwork initiation, artwork approval, regulatory approval.
* Issue purchase orders and monitor production and delivery planning to secure timely delivery and release in line with the launch plan.
– Inform the market, and the relevant function at Global Logistics & Supply (regional and/or brand supply manager) of expected major supply issues in a timely way, including root cause of the issue, actions being taken for resolution, and expected resolution date.
– Elevate significant, or potentially significant supply issues to the Planning Manager and the relevant Operations Manager and contribute to a joint action plan for resolution or mitigation.
– Review the supply chain agreements with the markets on an annual basis to secure continued optimization of inventory and supply parameters.
– Collect, consolidate, verify and communicate forecasted volumes per article to be used in the operational plan (budget)
– Periodically review the demand forecast to detect important deviations from the information used for the operational plan (budget). Inform External Supply Finance of detected relevant volume changes.
– Secure formal agreement with the market about the level of, and the responsibility for the cost of obsolete materials resulting from implementation of an artwork change.

In the area of internal processes, the Supply Chain Planner will be in charge to:
– Determine and agree modalities for implementation of artwork changes with the market and with the contract manufacturer; coordinate and manage implementation of new artwork.
– Set up (new article/new launch) and update article information in the supply chain systems:
* Set up the systems for new articles, or provide the necessary information and data to the relevant support function. Monitor and verify timely and correct set-up.
* Update article information with new/changed information, or provide update information to the relevant support function and monitor and verify timely and correct set-up.
– Continuously update the global systems with information about planned and initiated deliveries.
– Generate periodic standard reports containing supply performance and inventory situation, review the reports to detect issues, potential issues, and develop appropriate and effective corrective or mitigating actions.
– Monitor current and projected inventory of tolled materials (Active Product Ingredient + Semi Finished) at contract manufacturers, to detect potential unavailability situations and initiate/change re-supply as necessary.

The Supply Chain Planner is required to organize and execute tasks and activities based upon Operational Excellence (OpEx) principles. Use Opex methods and tools to solve issues, eliminate inefficiencies and continuously improve the quality and the effectiveness of the work.
(S)he will be back up for one of the other supply chain planners in the planning team in their absence.

Minimum Bachelor degree (Economics, Trade or Management) or equivalent trough experience;
Minimum 5 years working experience in a Supply Chain environment;
Minimum two years experience in a planning environment of a production plant, preferably in the pharmaceutical industry.

Excellent knowledge of both written and spoken English and at least one other major European language;

Very good knowledge of planning tools and related reporting tools (Business Intelligence Tools).

Excellent verbal and written communication skills including a demonstrated ability to participate in teams.
Well developed interpersonal skills (team member, integrity, flexibility, creativity).
Experience in projects that require collaborative approaches, strong analytical skills & solid ability to understand business issues and processes.



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