Visual Merchandising co-worker (M/F) ()




As a part of the store visual merchandise/activity team you use your extensive knowledge of people’s life at home and your high level of home furnishing competence to present and communicate the IKEA product range in ways that make it attractive and relevant to your local market. You also support customer self-choice in the IKEA store and the IKEA mechanical sales system.


Your tasks will include:


  • providing home furnishing solutions for a single product or a combination of products to improve people’s life at home.


  • demonstrating the uniqueness of the IKEA product range through your visual merchandising competence and display techniques in different store media and activity areas to distance us from the competition.


  • constantly showing new and inspiring home furnishing solutions that motivate people to visit the IKEA store more frequently.


  • securing the use of the store layout to create a good product overview and strong visual impact that facilitates the buying process.


Your knowledge, skills and experience include:


  • higher education in visual merchandising, industrial design or art.


  • a deep passion, curiosity and understanding of home furnishing and people’s everyday life at home.


  • creative thinking supported by commercial visual competence and a keen eye for aesthetics.


  • actively seeking new and improved ways of working simply and cost-efficiently.


  • a practical hands-on approach to working in a fast-paced retail environment.


What we offer
• IKEA offers a full-time contract (36 hours/week);
• We support you from day one based on an extensive training plan and permanent learning opportunities throughout your career;
• You have the freedom to develop and nurture your creative ideas in a unique corporate culture;
• You have opportunities to advance in an international company that cherishes human values and employee development.



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